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If you're anything like me, you've poured your heart into your business. You've invested your time and your money and you're ready. Ready to find the balance. Ready to grow. Ready to shake things up a bit. As an educator my goal is NOT to make your business like my business. My goal is to make your business more like YOU.

Online Mentor Session

Full On 1:1

Sun & Soul Workshop




The first EVER Sun & Soul Workshop hosted by myself and Koryn Rice Photography which will take place on the Oregon Coast June 2022.

The Workshop will Include:

- Lodging & Food for 3 days, 2 nights

- 3-4 styled shoots

- Guest Speakers

- Discussions & Presentations on SEO, editing, workflow, back ups, pricing, finding your brand, website, settings, lighting, gear, and SO MUCH MORE

- 8 spots available to ensure an intimate and effective learning experience

Let's do this shit. This is designed for those creatives who are ready to do the damn thing. We'll really get the chance to dig in and go over anything and everything.

The Full On Includes:

- 1 Hour of Shooting (we'll go over settings, gear, lighting, posing, and more)

- 3 Hours of Discussion (we can talk about editing, workflow, prices, taxes, website, social media, finding the balance, portfolio review and more!)

- Located in Salt Lake City, Utah (Travel fees will apply if you're interested in a session elsewhere)

Everyone is at a different place in their lives and their business and guess what? That is OKAY. If you're looking to grow your business, but aren't ready to invest in a full on experience, then this is the mentor session for you.

Mentor Session Includes:

-1 Hour of Discussion via Facetime or Zoom to talk about anything and everything that your heart desires. We can use this time to go over editing, workflow, contracts, pricing, taxes, social media, finding the balance, and anything else you want to know!




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Your business is worth investing in. I promise.

I have been where you are, honestly some days I still am. I've been unsure of the next step, scared to invest, and feeling like something is missing. Running a business is hard and scary, but you are not alone.

there is no reward

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Lexxi Smith Photography Presets

It's been quite a back and forth journey, but they're finally here.

My heart is on the table.

How I Started

The One Posing Trick that Changed the Game

What's in My Bag

When I first started out I thought that I had to have the nicest, newest camera and the most expensive lenses.

When I was ten years old I got my first camera for Christmas and I spent the following year annoying the heck out of

Going into my fifth full wedding season, I’ve photographed hundreds of different couples.