What’s In My Bag

April 28, 2021

Gear, Software, & Everything else


When I first started out I thought that I had to have the nicest, newest camera and the most expensive lenses. However, like a lot of photographers when they first start out, that’s not really in the budget. I did upgrade to a full frame camera over a crop sensor (a discussion for another time), which was one of the best decisions I ever made and I bought one nice lens to start. That was five years ago. In the five years since I’ve learned that it’s not the camera that makes a difference, it’s the person holding it. I’ve also changed from using an all Nikon set-up  (Nikon D850 & Nikon D750) to an all Sony set up. Why did I switch? That’s also probably a story for another time, but the short answer is that I wanted to go to all mirrorless cameras, and while Nikon and Canon both have released mirrorless cameras, their technology is still quite a bit behind Sony. I still love Nikon colors, but the switch to Sony has been great! This post includes not only what’s in my bag, but also software and other gear I use to keep my business up and running behind the scenes.


What I Bring On Wedding Days

Camera bag:

Amazon Basics Rolling Camera Bag

Camera Bodies:

Sony a7riii 

Sony a7iii



Sony 24mm  1.4  : This lens is great for big group shots and landscape photos

Sony 35mm 1.8 : This is my go-to lens! It rarely leaves my camera and I use it for everything from portraits to details.

Sony 85mm 1.8 : I love this lens for portraits – especially during golden hour! You can’t beat the bokeh from an 85



Flash (for Sony only): Godox V860II-S

Video Light: Raleno Video Light

Camera Harness: Rose Anvil Dual Camera Harness

SD cards: 64 gb Sandisk

SD card case: Honsky SD Card Holder

Hard Drive for Travel: Samsung Portable

Hard Drive for Home: WD


Blogging: Narrative I use this for blogging and it is phenomenal for SEO. Use this code for 15% off!

Client Management: Honeybook  I would DIE without this service, I use to it to track inquiries, send contracts, invoices, questionnaires, track expenses, and more! Use this link for 20% off a year subscription.

Culling: Photomechanic I use this to cull images before I edit – it loads so much quicker and it is so much easier to choose which photos to edit.

Photo Compressing: JPegMini I use this to compress images to save space on my hard drives without compromising quality.

Gallery Delivery: Cloudspot This is how I deliver my galleries to clients – they can download and save the images in full resolution and even create mobile apps of their galleries. Use this link to get 20% off!