For Photographers: The ONE Posing Trick that Changed the Game

April 29, 2021

Going into my fifth full wedding season, I’ve photographed hundreds of different couples. After a while it can seem like there are no more new poses! However, years ago I received one simple posing tip that absolutely changed the way I shoot, the feel of my galleries, and overall created a better experience for my clients. It might seem simple at first, but you need to MOVE. I’m not just talking about getting closer and farther away. I’m saying you should try to only take 3 photos in a spot and then MOVE YO FEET. Circle your clients like a cheetah circles a baby gazelle – okay that’s a bad metaphor. But you get my point. Even though you might be shooting poses you’ve done before creating new angles and compositions can make them seem like completely brand new poses. Don’t be afraid to something a little weird – it’s often the “weird” shots that end up being the best. It can be difficult at first to get out of the habit of shooting straight on – I’m still working on it myself! But I find the more I push myself to move and try new things, the more I love my work. 


Of course there is a lot more to posing, than just moving around. Positioning hands, getting the most out of each pose, experimenting, making sure that you’re getting a flattering angle for your clients, showing real emotion – it’s a lot! If you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed or having a hard time feeling creative, take some time and plan a shoot just for YOU. Find a couple or a family or whatever your jam is and just shoot! Experiment, be creative, and learn something. 


These photos below? All the same pose, different angles, different composition. Ya just gotta MOVE!