Why You Should Think About Doing a First Look

September 26, 2020

I totally understand if you want the first time your partner sees you on your wedding day to be walking down the aisle. If you’re 100% set on that and it’s a non-negotiable, then stop reading right now. Because ultimately it’s YOUR day and you should absolutely have the wedding that YOU want. However, if you’re on the fence about doing a first look or if you’re wondering what the positives are to doing one – then this post is for you! 


Doing a first look before the aisle can be an incredibly intimate moment between the two of you (we’ll pretend like I’m not even there). There are no expectations to have a certain face or display a certain emotion – nobody is watching. It’s just you and the one you love.


It also gives you a chance to exchange gifts or just take a breather before the ceremony. Your wedding day will go by so fast and taking time out to actually just BE together can help you to re-focus and prepare for the day.


It’s also helpful timeline wise, because we can go into couples portraits and then bridal party photos immediately after. Taking these photos before the ceremony helps the day to go smoothly. It means less time is needed for photos after the ceremony, which means your guests won’t be waiting as long for you to join the reception or cocktail hour. 


Added Bonus: You’ll probably  get TONS  more photos of you and your boo thang in your beautiful wedding outfits.


Again, it’s YOUR day, and if this doesn’t fall inline with your vision for your day, then don’t fret. The really cool thing about your wedding is that it’s yours and however you want it go down – then we can make it work. Whether you do a first look, or it’s coming down the aisle, at the end of the day it’s about the love you two share and the commitment you’re about to make. 


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