Anjelica + John | Cannon Beach Engagement Session

April 7, 2019


Iconic location + Golden hour + two beautiful humans = PERFECTION. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off my spring season than with this incredible engagement session at Cannon Beach. I love when couples are so ready for an adventure and so trusting of my vision, these images are for sure some of my favorite ever. We talked about their wedding, my kids, Anjelica’s INCREDIBLE cupcake business (Fat Cupcake, Portland Oregon – check it out!), and John’s remodel of a 100 year old house in Portland for them to live in together. In order to prepare for shooting their engagement I asked Anjelica and John some questions and I just have to share the answers because they are the CUTEST!

How did you two meet?

Johnny at the time was painting and there was a paint store in the same parking lot as my bakery. His uncle (who owned the painting company) frequently came in and eventually told John he had to try a Fat Cupcake. John’s uncle brought him in and introduced us. After that John kept visiting and the rest is history! Apparently he really loves cupcakes 🙂

How did the proposal go down?!

John told me we were going to do something fun for my birthday over the weekend but made it sound like we were going to go to dinner each night here in Portland. The night before we were going to start the festivities he told me to pack my bags and that we were flying somewhere the next day, but wouldn’t tell me where. We ended up flying to San Francisco to stay with his friends, tour the city, visit the Museum of Ice Cream and explore the boardwalk. The morning of my birthday we went to get crepes and then he said we had an appointment at the Museum of Fine Arts. It’s SOOO stinking beautiful there! (Of course he Googled where the most beautiful place was to propose and then went there in truest John fashion!) We walked around and when I turned around from looking into the water he got on his knee and proposed. He even hired a photographer who was taking pictures nearby! After that we rented bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge on a perfectly warm and sunny day. We flew back home that night and he told me we were going to get dinner with his family. Instead, there was a surprise party with friends and family! It was SO GOOD!

What do you love most about him?

Johnny is the most gentle and patient man ever. He quickly forgives and moves on. He is concerned about the welfare of others. He ALWAYS checks on his mom to make sure she is safe and okay, JUST BECAUSE, and it’s the sweetest thing I have ever seen. He is the hardest worker I know, plus he is stinking attractive!

What do you love most about her?

Anjelica is the sweetest most caring person I have ever met in my entire life. Not only to me but to everyone she meets. What I also really love is that we can do nothing and talk for hours. Plus she is smoking hot.

Basically these two were meant to be and I am so glad that I got to run around the beach with them. We joke that we’re going to be best friends and hangout forever, but I don’t know if they understand that I’m not kidding (really guys. I’m attached.) I’m already psyched for their wedding and I’m glad I don’t have to wait too long – hurry up and get here May!