My Favorite Things

March 4, 2019

As a photographer every time I want to work, I have to interview all over again. It’s a constant cycle of re-introducing myself and talking about ME. Which has never been my strong suit. I’m more of a listener. That’s why my hair’s so big. It’s full of secrets. But I’ve learned that talking about myself and connecting with people is so incredibly powerful. So I’ve decided to share some facts about myself in this blog post so that we can all be friends. In no particular order, here is a list of some of my favorite things plus a few random pictures of me thrown in (you’re welcome).


  1. The Pacific Northwest. Oh man, the PNW. I am obsessed. There’s just something about misty ocean mornings, tall pines, and wet moss. Being in the PNW is like a breath of fresh air for this landlocked Utah girl. I often call it my home away from home. Seaside and Portland are my favorite cities in Oregon, however I’ve been all over the beautiful states of Washington and Oregon and if you ask me to shoot your wedding there, the answer will be HELL YEAH.

  1. Early Mornings. Now this one is weird, because generally I am not a morning person. As in, my body does not naturally wake up at 6am refreshed and ready to go. However, since having children I’ve grown an appreciation for waking up before the rest of the house. There’s something about the peace and calm (usually before the storm with two young boys) that feels so comforting. Usually it means being able to take a shower without the toddler coming in saying “ew mom you’re naked!” and eating breakfast without little hands in my food. Then when my sweet boys wake up I can cuddle them and devote myself completely to them, without having to worry about getting ready or feeding myself.


  1. The Office. If this was a secret, it’d be the worst kept secret in the world. I don’t think there’s been a day in the last five years that I haven’t quoted The Office at least once. I’ve watched the whole series all the way through more than I can count. Honestly, I’m surprised that Netflix hasn’t sent me an email saying “Are you okay? This is your 700th time re-starting The Office.” It’s background noise when I’m editing, it’s my go-to when I need a laugh, it’s an inside joke between my husband and I. The Office got me through some dark days in high school and some late nights nursing my babies. It might sound silly to some people to be so in love with a tv show, but to them I say: “dinkin flicka”.

  1. Road trips. Yes, it can absolutely be a complete nightmare to pack up two kids and drive in the car for 10 hours. BUT some of my very favorite memories come from road trips. It goes back to road tripping with my family to go camping or simply taking a long drive just because. My husband and I use this car time to bond with each other and talk about everything from our dream vacations to would you rather questions like “Would you rather always have to brush your teeth and then drink orange juice or never get to brush your teeth again?” Yeah, we’re kind of weird. But that’s what happens on road trips – ya get a little weird. I love being able to experience the country with my children and show them new things. I want them to know that HOW you get there is just as important as WHERE you’re going.

These last few, I considered lumping together because they’re not necessarily important things, but I think each of them tell something about me.


  1. Target. I love to wander aimlessly and I am obsessed with home decor. Plus a dollar section?! Obviously, Target is one of go-to places if I have a little downtime.
  2. Bread. Call me Oprah, cause I LOVE BREAD! Seriously Texas Roadhouse Rolls, Red Lobster biscuits, Olive Garden breadsticks. GIVE ME THE BREAD. I’m not afraid of carbs and I don’t care who knows it.
  3. Lizzo. The queen herself. I am obsessed with every single song she has and just because I am in a happy committed marriage does not mean I do not belt out her anthems at the top of my lungs.

This was a longer post and if you read this all, I’m impressed and I’m sending you a high-five through the internet. Thanks for sticking around.