Focus Collective Workshop | For Photographers

March 1, 2019

I’m part of a wonderful educational group called the Focus Collective. We teach workshops geared towards photographers who are beginning their businesses and want to get off on the right foot or who might be feeling a little stuck and needed a push to get back in action. Utah has no shortage of photographers and at times it might feel like there are too many photographers and not enough people. If there’s anything I’ve learned the last three years, it’s that this is NOT true. There is a photographer for every budget and every style. What makes this business so great is that I get to create ART and not everybody will connect with my art, but I don’t need everybody, I just need MY clients. My people who connect with me and my work. So that’s what the Focus Collective is all about, helping photographers figure out how to connect with their ideal clients and create a business that is right for them.




It all started back in April 2017 when I decided to take a road trip to Oregon with a bunch of strangers (and my bff Alexis Foust). That trip ended up changing my business and if I can be dramatic, which I can because it’s my blog, my life. I ended up learning more about my style, my brand, and how to grow my business than I had in the first six months of being a legitimate photography business. We (Lexxi Smith Photography, Alexis Foust Photography, Kristi Alyse Photography, and Stephanie Jade Photography) banded together on that trip and have given each other tips, tricks, and basically shared all of our “secrets” ever since. The Focus Collective was founded on the belief that someone else’s success does NOT make your success any less. We are four photographers who all shoot differently, edit differently, and run our businesses differently, but there are several principles of business that we feel we can share with others that can truly make a positive impact.