2017 was my first year as a full-time, official, wedding and portrait photographer. It was the longest, most exhausting, and the absolute best year ever. It was only fitting that I should end the year with an amazing session in the beautiful and sunny St. George. I followed Holly and Max all over Snow Canyon as they laughed and twirled and acted like they had just gotten engaged. You guys. It was seriously adorable. Passing hikers even shouted out “Congratulations!”, but Holly and Max have actually been together eight wonderful years. Four of those years as husband and wife. Their mutual love of cats, cuddling, and exploring new places, easily makes them one of the cutest couples ever. Holly expressed concern that Max might not love getting his photo taken (men rarely do); but I didn’t have to coax, bribe, or otherwise persuade Max at all. The way these two looked at each other was the purest form of love. You can see it in their smiles, in their adorable nose kisses, and in the tender way he holds her hand; this is what true love looks like. Although, we each had to drive approximately six hours to meet for this session, it was 100% without a doubt worth it. Take a little scroll for yourself and check out these two lova’s.