Chelsie and Cody. Gahhh! Where do I begin?! What started as a whirlwind high school relationship full of passion and romance aaaactually ended after only a few weeks. While life may have had other plans for these two after high school, when you see them together now, it’s pretty clear that they are meant to be. Once their relationship began again a year ago, they knew that this time it was for real. Chelsie knew by the look in his eye, the smile on his face when he looks at her; she has never once doubted the love he has for not only her, but her daughter.  And when Cody proposed during a game of charades she just had to say yes! They spent their entire engagement session laughing together and whispering jokes in each other’s ears – you would have thought they were back in high school. Seriously. You guys. It was adorable. As Cody puts it: “It’s so selfless, and it’s very much a type of love that is “we’ll figure the details out later, I just need to be with you now and everything will work out”. It’s a perfect example of the dichotomy of love and logic that has been absent from our relationship in so many ways. Aside from the undeniable deep well of love that has created such a beautiful effortlessness to the flow of our relationship, I can truly be my weird AF self, and she’s still attracted to me!” I mean I don’t think anything else can be said besides, I SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT FOR THEIR WEDDING!