Gahhhh! Abbie + Thomas 4eva! This session almost didn’t happen (thanks Utah weather), which would have been a real shame, since as you can see – clearly Abbie and Thomas are some of the most beautiful people on this planet. Although, it wasn’t the windy, mountain-top session we had originally planned on – this gorgeous green house formal is legit what dreams are made of (shout out to my girl Hillary Duff). We wandered among the vibrantly colored flowers and hanging plants, and these two just couldn’t help but smile and giggle with each other – freaking adorable humans. One of my favorite things about doing formal sessions is getting to see the groom see his beautiful bride in her dress. The way Thomas was smiling at Abbie is the way I look at Olive Garden’s braised beef tortellini (if you haven’t tried that – I highly recommed it). Also my husband – of course! Jokes aside, you can absolutely feel the love between these two and I was so lucky to be able to create these beautiful images for them! Can’t wait to party with them at their wedding in California!