The Bareiss family has got to be one of the most photogenic families I have ever come across! I seriously still can’t get over how absolutely perfect this family session was! I was a little nervous before our session, because Utah weather is definitely not the most dependable – especially once fall starts (but hey at least we had a fall this year!). The clouds rolled in and it began to rain just as we were driving out to our location. Luckily Crystal, Daman, and Devon are always down for an adventure so we backtracked up the other side of Big Cottonwood Canyon and it was PURE MAGIC. The rain stopped, the wind stopped, and we were able to create some seriously beautiful family portraits. When they’re not out looking fly in the mountains, they’re flying down the mountains snowboarding or cuddled up watching The Office, and basically I was ready to ask them to adopt me by the end of our session. Even though they didn’t adopt me, I definitely made some new friends – even if they are way cooler than me!