Normally when your mom tries to set you up on a date, you avoid the situation at all costs. Sick, dead long lost family member, you’ve got to wash your hair…the excuses are endless. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case with these two. Although their relationship stemmed from their mothers talking about pants, I can firmly say that Krysta and Dalton were made for each other. Besides the fact that they are both the sweetest humans ever, they are also avid outdoorsmen and adventurers! Dalton is a ski instructor at Powder Mountain and once they started dating he just couldn’t “ski” himself with any other girl! I’m sorry. I promise there will be snow more puns after this. Okay, I’m really done now. They enjoy hiking together with Krysta’s golden retriever/adorable fur child Mumford and basically just being together. Because of their love for the great outdoors we had originally planned on having our session exploring somewhere, but you know Utah weather. Even in April, you can get snow. We didn’t let that stop us from getting the look we wanted. Cactus and Tropicals provided us with the perfect blend of flora and fauna aaaaand kept us out of the weather. Krysta and Dalton spent the entire time holding hands and laughing and I spent the entire time basking in their adorableness. These two have such a tender love and affection for one another, you can just tell that this love was 100% made to be.